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February 21, 2007

Thursday Look-Ahead

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I know it’s early, but Thursday is one of my two top nights for TV, and here’s a look at what’s on and what you should be watching.

The Office-“Cocktails” Michael and Jan go public with their romance….That’s the extent I know because I’m avoiding spoilers at all costs.  I just hope Jim and Pam have a hint of conversation….all I ask for is a little hint of Jam…it’s slowly building up to most likely yet another season-ending cliffhanger.  Let’s hope they get it right this time!

Survivor- Easily my favorite of the past few seasons so far….I have the feeling someone from the high and might Moto tribe gets really sick by the looks of it.

Grey’s Anatomy– The conclusion of the three-part arc that will answer whether Meredith lives or dies….Her life currently hangs in the balance, but somehow I think she’s safe….possibly a shocker death in store that we don’t know about?!  Who knows….I know I’m watching though.


Lost 3.9- “Stranger in a Strange Land”

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Once again I find myself slightly disappointed in Lost.  The producers have done interview after interview promising us answers to the biggest questions, and all they have done is over-hyped and under-delivered.

The episode had a guest-starring role for Bai Ling, who I still don’t know how got so famous.  I’ve never been to Thailand, but does it really look so similar to the Hawaiian beach?

It was nice to see Sawyer actually show a somewhat more emotional side, talking to Carl and how he loves Alex…I was at least glad that the Sawyer-isms were still in effect.  I guess they also decided to kind of stamp out the whole Sawyer-Kate romance….let’s count how long til it resurfaces.

I’m also glad that they are finally hinting at the looming Jack-Juliet romance….I think it’s fairly obvious they will have something in the future…it’s just a question of when.  I personally think Elizabeth Mitchell has done a great job, and somehow I’d like to think she’ll be around as a permanent addition to the cast….

Wouldn’t it be weird/cool if one of the Others abandoned their craft and joined the Losties?  That’d be ironic…and a great twist.

I’ll post a preview of the promo for next week as soon as I find one and have some time….All I gotta say is that I’m going to stop watching the promos if they keep adding in scenes that aren’t from the following episode….It’s just annoying, that’s all.


Wednesday Night Preview

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Tonight we get a dose of Lost that should be a little more action-packed…..I’m sensing a rebound after that somewhat confusing and annoying Desmond-centric episode last week.

There’s a preview I posted a few posts back that makes it look really good, as I’ve been telling people all week.

I’ll probably also try to get in tonight’s Friday Night Lights…I caught the pilot for free on iTunes a couple days ago, and it was really….really good.


Dr. Addison getting a spinoff?

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I just read an interesting story, that if true, is actually disappointing. If so, it appears Grey’s Anatomy is taking the CSI trail, and splitting off into an unnecessary spinoff with Addison getting the lead.

I didn’t like it when they did it with CSI….I don’t think I’d like it if they did it to Grey’s.


February 20, 2007


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Sorry there hasn’t been any updating today….

It’s a slow TV day today, plus I was at a couple of friends’ house watching Babel tonight…..Probably the most depressing movie I’ve ever seen, and I can’t say it was at all enjoyable either.

I’m definitely psyched for Lost tomorrow…as usual.  Look for a recap soon after the episode airs….by the looks of it, it should be very good.

February 19, 2007

Heroes 2.16- “Unexpected”

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Consider everything ahead a MAJOR SPOILER ALERT for tonight’s episode of Heroes.

Heroes was back in top form tonight, in possibly my favorite episode thus far.  It’s really nice to see Peter finally realizing his full potential.

For a minute, I was worried the death of the episode would be Claude, but they wouldn’t dare touch Christopher Eccleston!  He’s just too cool…. They’ll probably save it for the end of the season ::sigh::.

There was a cool reveal of Hana, who in my opinion has the coolest power of the bunch, the power to intercept and manipulate wireless data signals (she can get on the internet without a computer….very geeky, and very cool!)  Somehow, I think she’s probably hiding some sort of martial arts ability, which she probably learned Matrix-style by downloading programs into her memory.

Grunberg rocked it as usual…It’s like there are two sides of the people with abilities…I liken it to an episode of X-Men…where they have the Brotherhood on one side, and the X-Men on the other….

Another cool shout-out….having Stan Lee make a cameo….

I was actually pretty bummed that they knocked off the lady with supersonic hearing so quick…that’s another cool power!  Nice to see Sylar is actually vulnerable though….he’s probably not glad he inherited those headaches from her.

Overall, strong episode….makes me ready for next week as usual.  I’m expecting big fireworks…literally.

Peter Petrelli rules!

Monday Night Preview

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So tonight is a great lineup of television programming….

Prison Break- Michael and Sara pay a visit to the Pope (Stacy Keach), because apparently he’s the only person left to help them.  After a week off, it seems like we haven’t seen the convicts on for a lot longer than that.  Plus, the Pope is one of the great characters from Season 1, and made the show that much more interesting!

24- Milo is under the wing of the Jack.  By the looks of it, he’ll be escorting Graem’s wife around at least temporarily.  Hopefully as action-packed as last week…just no drill bits to the shoulder blades this week….please?

Heroes- I’ve heard of a betrayal against Peter and Claude….. could it be because his girl is back with the painter? And the long awaited reveal of a new hero who has a cool new power!  Don’t miss~

Until later….Tivo is calling!

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