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February 26, 2007

Prison Break 2.18- “Wash”

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Overall, the episode was fairly straightforward…Apparently Michael and Linc didn’t think there was any possibility the guy they thought was the lawyer was a stand-in.

I thought it was cool they showed Kellerman talk to his sister, even though they were really comfortable despite having not spoken for 15 years….And how good is security at the airport when one of the 8 most wanted men in America is able to put on a pair of glasses and pass himself off as a therapist and leave the country?

The most annoying part of the episode, which they’re probably saving for some later revelation….Why couldn’t we hear what was on the tape?!  Don’t show them listening and their reactions and not let us hear what’s going on…..Just delaying the inevitable.

Anywho…I don’t see this show lasting much longer than a 13-episode season next year.  It’s clear they’re running out of ideas.  Still entertaining, but getting a little out there in terms of believability.  Guess we’ll see if C-Note lives next time around.


February 25, 2007

Rainn Wilson SNL Opening Monologue

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So I knew Rainn Wilson was hosting SNL last night, and I never watch the show because it’s undoubtedly gone downhill over the years, as I’ve mentioned before….but this opening monologue I found very funny, and they managed to pick the actors that really represented characters on the show.  It was great…..I wish they wouldn’t have spent so much time on that cold open though.  I was bored enough in the first 5 minutes to turn it off…luckily I didn’t.

Any other The Office fans get a kick out of it?   Video below….

February 22, 2007

Grey’s Anatomy 3.17 -“Some Kind of Miracle”

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So this was the final chapter of the last three episodes.  It continued off the “afterlife” experience we saw at the end of the last episode.  I couldn’t really figure out what it symbolized overall, but by the end of it, when she was walking away, and her mom came toward her, I kind of saw the symoblism I suppose.

It’s really odd to see Denny walking around and being normal, because I think every time we saw him last season he was laying down or in a hospital bed.

There’s clearly something developing between the Jane Doe and Karev….we’ll see where that leads.  I was also glad Cristina decided to come back, though she did sober up awfully quickly.

It was a touching scene to see Derek waiting for Meredith to wake up….

Izzie was kind of annoying, and I thought she was acting kind of stupid toward George and especially Callie….she should have backed off of her, but no…just what this show needs….more drama.  I don’t think she thinks a lot before she speaks.

It’ll be interesting to see where this season ends up, as Addison preps to check-out of Seattle Grace….what?  Haven’t you heard the news?

February 21, 2007

Lost 3.9- “Stranger in a Strange Land”

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Once again I find myself slightly disappointed in Lost.  The producers have done interview after interview promising us answers to the biggest questions, and all they have done is over-hyped and under-delivered.

The episode had a guest-starring role for Bai Ling, who I still don’t know how got so famous.  I’ve never been to Thailand, but does it really look so similar to the Hawaiian beach?

It was nice to see Sawyer actually show a somewhat more emotional side, talking to Carl and how he loves Alex…I was at least glad that the Sawyer-isms were still in effect.  I guess they also decided to kind of stamp out the whole Sawyer-Kate romance….let’s count how long til it resurfaces.

I’m also glad that they are finally hinting at the looming Jack-Juliet romance….I think it’s fairly obvious they will have something in the future…it’s just a question of when.  I personally think Elizabeth Mitchell has done a great job, and somehow I’d like to think she’ll be around as a permanent addition to the cast….

Wouldn’t it be weird/cool if one of the Others abandoned their craft and joined the Losties?  That’d be ironic…and a great twist.

I’ll post a preview of the promo for next week as soon as I find one and have some time….All I gotta say is that I’m going to stop watching the promos if they keep adding in scenes that aren’t from the following episode….It’s just annoying, that’s all.


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