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February 26, 2007

Prison Break 2.18- “Wash”

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Overall, the episode was fairly straightforward…Apparently Michael and Linc didn’t think there was any possibility the guy they thought was the lawyer was a stand-in.

I thought it was cool they showed Kellerman talk to his sister, even though they were really comfortable despite having not spoken for 15 years….And how good is security at the airport when one of the 8 most wanted men in America is able to put on a pair of glasses and pass himself off as a therapist and leave the country?

The most annoying part of the episode, which they’re probably saving for some later revelation….Why couldn’t we hear what was on the tape?!  Don’t show them listening and their reactions and not let us hear what’s going on…..Just delaying the inevitable.

Anywho…I don’t see this show lasting much longer than a 13-episode season next year.  It’s clear they’re running out of ideas.  Still entertaining, but getting a little out there in terms of believability.  Guess we’ll see if C-Note lives next time around.


February 19, 2007

Monday Night Preview

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So tonight is a great lineup of television programming….

Prison Break- Michael and Sara pay a visit to the Pope (Stacy Keach), because apparently he’s the only person left to help them.  After a week off, it seems like we haven’t seen the convicts on for a lot longer than that.  Plus, the Pope is one of the great characters from Season 1, and made the show that much more interesting!

24- Milo is under the wing of the Jack.  By the looks of it, he’ll be escorting Graem’s wife around at least temporarily.  Hopefully as action-packed as last week…just no drill bits to the shoulder blades this week….please?

Heroes- I’ve heard of a betrayal against Peter and Claude….. could it be because his girl is back with the painter? And the long awaited reveal of a new hero who has a cool new power!  Don’t miss~

Until later….Tivo is calling!

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