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February 22, 2007

Heroes sighting on….CNN?!

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So the entire cast of Heroes is going to be on Larry King Live tomorrow….I just might have to consider watching it for that reason alone. Somehow I think I may also want to avoid it… There are most likely clips from Monday’s upcoming flashback episode that will be shown, and I’d really like to keep the surprises limited to when I watch the show on Monday night.

We’ll see though….I’m glad a show I watched from the beginning has finally made it to the big time. Anyone else planning or not planning on watching?

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So apparently the interview has been delayed until April….bummer…All the promos tonight for next Monday look great!


On the Lot gets On the Schedule

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So that Mark Burnett reality show with Steven Spielberg has finally gotten a release date. Looks like we have at least one main addition to the Tivo for summer TV.

The show will premiere May 16, which will probably end up being smack dab in the middle of alot of other finales. I didn’t see a time for the show…

Hopefully it’s not a crappy incarnation…..I have a feeling they’ll tie-in a movie web-site where you have to vote weekly or something. I think Road Rules on MTV this season has proven that formula doesn’t work.

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February 20, 2007


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Sorry there hasn’t been any updating today….

It’s a slow TV day today, plus I was at a couple of friends’ house watching Babel tonight…..Probably the most depressing movie I’ve ever seen, and I can’t say it was at all enjoyable either.

I’m definitely psyched for Lost tomorrow…as usual.  Look for a recap soon after the episode airs….by the looks of it, it should be very good.

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