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February 22, 2007

The Office 3.17- “Cocktails”

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All I can say is that The Office has consistently gotten better and better each week.  Tonight was especially great, and the ending just totally sets up a stellar last five episodes (or however many there are, because the finale is an hour and counts as two).

Highlights of the episode:

Michael reintroduced himself by saying he and Jan were lovers….priceless.

Jim and the CFO shot hoops because they both clearly didn’t like those parties.

The reference to Battlestar Galactica….now that I actually watch it, it’s that much funnier!

Jan telling Michael not to cry when talking about their relationship….lol.

So, how many of those guys did Karen really date?  I think the first one was real.  All the others were clearly jokes.   Just sets up a reason for Jim to leave her.

The rest of the office at the bar was a great set-up.  It was funny to watch that drinking game….Got some good screen time for Creed as usual…he’s always funny, even if it’s only a line at a time.

They really need to cut the Toby-Pam stuff….that’s just creepy to me.  I’m glad Pam gave that stuffed duck back.  Back off Toby!

The payoff…seeing Roy flip out and totally lose it, and Pam broke up with him!  I knew it wouldn’t last,  and honestly, I’m glad they turned it back so soon.  I was touched again that Pam was trying to tell Roy what happened and that it was over, but he freaked out, because he was drunk, before she finished.  I’m sensing she’ll realize Jim is a much better guy than Roy.

Those last words really set up what should be an exciting run to the season finale.

“I’m gonna kill Halpert….”

Now, how long to wait until the next episode?  ::sigh::


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