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February 19, 2007

Heroes 2.16- “Unexpected”

Filed under: Comic Books, Heroes — flutieman07 @ 10:46 pm

Consider everything ahead a MAJOR SPOILER ALERT for tonight’s episode of Heroes.

Heroes was back in top form tonight, in possibly my favorite episode thus far.  It’s really nice to see Peter finally realizing his full potential.

For a minute, I was worried the death of the episode would be Claude, but they wouldn’t dare touch Christopher Eccleston!  He’s just too cool…. They’ll probably save it for the end of the season ::sigh::.

There was a cool reveal of Hana, who in my opinion has the coolest power of the bunch, the power to intercept and manipulate wireless data signals (she can get on the internet without a computer….very geeky, and very cool!)  Somehow, I think she’s probably hiding some sort of martial arts ability, which she probably learned Matrix-style by downloading programs into her memory.

Grunberg rocked it as usual…It’s like there are two sides of the people with abilities…I liken it to an episode of X-Men…where they have the Brotherhood on one side, and the X-Men on the other….

Another cool shout-out….having Stan Lee make a cameo….

I was actually pretty bummed that they knocked off the lady with supersonic hearing so quick…that’s another cool power!  Nice to see Sylar is actually vulnerable though….he’s probably not glad he inherited those headaches from her.

Overall, strong episode….makes me ready for next week as usual.  I’m expecting big fireworks…literally.

Peter Petrelli rules!


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